Preliminary pencil drawing scaled to ceiling.


CLIENT: Private home owner, solarium room in Shorewood, Wisconsin

Application:Acrylic and oil paint on ceiling.

CLIENT REQUEST: Working with the home owner and James Connelly Interiors, we wanted to create interest on the ceiling that would harmonize with the stark black and white floor tiles and rich green wall color in this glass solarium room facing east towards Lake Michigan.

FOCUS: I designed a troupe l’oeil filigree motif that balanced the room’s colors, rectangular shape and central chandelier. The overall color palette was designed to work with the green wall color and black and white floor tiles.

CHALLENGES: Completing this project required THS to successfully meet physical and artistic challenges. Recreating this large hand-drawn image onto a 10 foot high flat ceiling was a feat of physical achievement. Deriving the three opaque and two transparent oil glazes from the green wall color was an artistic challenge that was met with exquisite results.

DATE: 2015