After Majestic Photo

Before Timothy Haglund Studio

After Timothy Haglund Studio

Detail: Trompe l’oeil painted shell with Kingfisher and Alewife fish


CLIENT: This English tutor mansion located in Brookfield, Wisconsin is utilized by the owners as their private residence and a setting for entertaining, fundraising and other special events.

APPLICATION: Acrylic and wax medium oil paints on canvas, decorative paint finishes, painted trompe l’oeil effects, gold leaf application.

CLIENT REQUEST: This majestic home’s interior was in need of a interior facelift. (before photo) The client commissioned Timothy Haglund Studio with a challenging request, with subject matter open, to incorporate his talents through imagery and color to create a story that celebrates the history of the home.

FOCUS:  I proposed a few different pictorial ideas for the ceiling. This American Indian motif was inspired by a tour of the owners' property. Being on the highest land elevation in the area, it was the camp location for the Potawatomi Indian tribe.

CHALLENGES: I incorporated a variety of paint applications on this project. A painting on canvas of an American Indian that was adhered to the flat ceiling. Eight circular paintings on the surrounding walls illustrating the four seasons and seasonal solstice. Decorative painted effects and gold leaf all harmoniously work together to create a majestic architectural environment.

DATE: 2004-2007