sports center mural

Oil painting on masonite mural - digitally reproduced on Kodak paper - size: 11’ high by 380’ long


CLIENT: Rec Plex Sports Center located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Application:Digitally produced murals that span 11’ high by 385’ long. Additional air brushed sky with clouds on poured concrete walls.

CLIENT REQUEST: The client wanted to create a unique attraction for the pool area with a large hand painted mural.

FOCUS: I accepted the challenge to create an enormous underwater environment surrounding this pool. I wanted to cover all 4 walls with underwater imagery and the sky above.

CHALLENGES: The walls in the pool area are 12,000 square feet. With a 4 month deadline, I decided to create this colorful painted environment through the use of digitally reproduced images. I created a painted mural in seven sections that when placed end to end spanned 38 feet by 1 foot high. The mural was digitally printed at 1000% enlargement on Kodak paper and adhered to the walls with a wall covering glue. Above the printed mural, I airbrushed sky and atmospheric clouds with acrylic paints.

DATE: 2000